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Chicken & Beer

July 7th, 2019

My Sunday morning started from my Saturday night, never-ending. I was literally up at 8 in the morning taking shots with my friends. We went five or six rounds during the after-after party. Next thing I know, the after party turned into a pregame and we were on our way to Chicken & Beer. CNB for me is a family affair.

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30 minutes into the festivities and I already had two coconut drinks dripping and overflowing in my hands. We were on a rooftop bar and the sun was hot as f*ck. Soca music was bumping, gorgeous West Indian women were everywhere and the weed was loud. This was my fifth consecutive year and the only thing that changes is the location.

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The event is thrown by internationally known DJ, Jillionaire, an artist I’ve always looked up to (who just happens to be my cousin). Every year my family and I “jump up” for CNB. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Soca music, to “jump up” means to let go of everything to just enjoy the music and have fun. CNB is the only party I know that gives you this experience, and also hands out free chicken. 

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Can’t finish writing this without shouting out the homies FIGHT CLVB! I’m psyched that I finally got to meet them at CNB. Here’s a link to my single “King Me” released on their label FIGHT FREE in 2017.

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