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Grand Adventures: 420 Expo NJ

The 420 Expo in Edison, NJ was definitely an adventure! Now that weed is legal here in Jersey there's a ton of 420 events popping up. This was one of the biggest ones that's happened so far. The only drawback for this convention was that no actual marijuana could be legally sold. You had to bring your own cannabis but they had big outside smoking areas. Majority of the booths were smoke shops were selling the legal hemp based cannabinoids such as Delta 8, THC-O, THC-P and HHC.

Obviously I still got stoned out of my mind haha. It was cool to be around so many other people all blazing up at the same time. I got interviewed by a bong, met some Cam Girls from Chaturbate, did some good networking and did some axe throwing. This was actually my first time ever doing axe throwing. Not going to lie I was a little hesitant about throwing sharp objects when I was incredibly high, but it ended up being an awesome experience. But by far my favorite thing at the expo was getting a Really Bad Portrait. This was easily the funniest and most entertaining booth they had there. Check out all the clips from everything I did in the short recap video below.

Overall the 420 Expo was definitely a fun time. Tickets were also pretty cheap $30 General Admission and $60 VIP Ticket. I feel bad for anyone that bought a 3 day pass because that was a waste of money. One day was more than enough time to cover everything they had going on. Also the VIP Ticket (which I bought) was also pretty much a waste of money as well. You at least got a free bag which came in handy, but all the other VIP perks were kind of a joke. The VIP only lounge was always empty. My heart goes out to the DJs and bands they booked in the VIP lounge because they had to perform in front of basically nobody. Meanwhile they had an actual stage in the main room of the convention where other DJs and Artists performed. The music and entertainment aspects of the expo is what was lacking the most. But maybe that's something I can help them improve for next year. Either way I'll be down to go again. Lastly, just want to mention that my Eddie Grand Prerolls were selling out at the expo!

Stay tuned for the next adventure...

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