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Lifeguard On Duty [Snow Storm Photoshoot]

When I bought that Lifeguard hoodie in Point Pleasant, NJ over the summer I already had a photoshoot idea in mind. First of all that hoodie is super dope which is why I had to buy it. While living in Point Pleasant during Summer 2020 I would be constantly eyeing the lifeguard hoodies on display while I walked up and down the boardwalk. Eventually I gave in and bought a hoodie at the very end of the summer during Labor Day Weekend. Turns out you don't have to be a certified lifeguard to buy one of these hoodies lol.

After I bought the hoodie I didn't even wear it. That's because it was time to play the waiting game. I was waiting until the winter when I could do a photoshoot in the snow. That's the vision I had for the hoodie when I bought it, and I didn't want to wear it until I was able to make that happen.

I loved the idea of the juxtaposition of the lifeguard hoodie which makes you think summer vibes and the beach, against a cold and snowy background. I had a feeling it would look really awesome and I think the results speak for themselves. Patience is a virtue and this photoshoot was definitely worth the wait.

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Herb Palmer Jr.
Herb Palmer Jr.
07. März 2021

a life guard hoodie holds a position of power.... lobster lab media

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